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Norwich Puppet Theatre is a registered charity. As a result we rely on the support of our community to grow and flourish. Our community and outreach work is focused on delivering arts and cultural ...

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Chair and Vice-Chair of Board of Trustees

Chair and Vice-Chair of Board of Trustees

Organisation role · 3–7 hrs/Week · Starting from 1 Nov 2022
Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
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Community & familyArt & cultureEducation
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Trustee opportunity
The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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Norwich Puppet Theatre
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Norwich Puppet Theatre is inviting applications from experienced business professionals with energy and a passion for the arts for a new Chair and Vice-Chair.

Detailed description

Principal Responsibilities 

Strategic leadership

·       Provide leadership to the charity and its Board, ensuring that the charity has maximum impact for its beneficiaries

·       Ensure that the Board operates within its charitable objectives and provides a clear strategic direction for the charity

·       Ensure that the Board is able to regularly review major risks and associated opportunities, and satisfy itself that systems are in place to take advantage of opportunities and manage and mitigate the risks

·       Ensure that the Board fulfils its duties to ensure sound financial health of the charity, with systems in place to ensure financial accountability


·       Ensure that the governance arrangements are working in the most effective way for the charity, working within any agreed policies adopted by the charity

·       Support the Trustees in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the charity, through induction, advice, appraisal, access to training and other measures

·       Encourage positive change where appropriate and address and resolve any conflicts within the Board

·       Ensure that the Board of Trustees is regularly refreshed and incorporates the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience needed to govern and lead the charity effectively and which also reflects the wider population

Efficiency and Effectiveness

·       Chair meetings of the Board of Trustees effectively and efficiently, bringing impartiality and objectivity to the decision making process

·       Ensure that Trustees are fully engaged and that decisions are taken in the best, long-term interests of the charity and that the Board takes collective ownership

·       Foster, maintain and ensure that constructive relationships exist with and between the Trustees

·       Work closely with the Theatre Director and Executive Committee to give direction to Board policy-making and to ensure that meetings are well planned, meaningful and reflect the responsibilities of trustees

·       Monitor that decisions taken at meetings are implemented.

External Relations

·       Act as an ambassador for the cause and the charity

·       Maintain close relationships with key influences

·       Act as a spokesperson for the organisation when appropriate

·       Represent the charity at external functions, meetings and events

·       Facilitate change and address any potential conflict with external stakeholders

Relationship with the Theatre Director and the Wider Team

·       Establish and build a strong, effective and a constructive working relationship with the Theatre Director, ensuring they are held to account for achieving agreed strategic objectives

·       Support the Theatre Director, whilst respecting the boundaries which exist between the two roles

·       Ensure regular contact with the Theatre Director and develop and maintain an open and supportive relationship within which each can speak openly about concerns, worries and challenges

·       Liaise with the Theatre Director to maintain an overview of the charity’s affairs, providing support as necessary

·       Conduct an annual appraisal and remuneration review for the Theatre Director in consultation with other Trustees

·       Ensure that the Theatre Director has the opportunity for professional development and has appropriate external professional support

Additional information

The Vice-Chair acts for the Chair when the Chair is not available and takes a lead on aspects of support and oversight in agreement with the Chair.  This trustee will also the shadow the current Chair to ensure there is capability in skills and understanding of the processes of the Charity to ensure regular succession planning. 

The above list is indicative only and not exhaustive. The Chair will be expected to perform all such additional duties as are reasonably commensurate with the role.

Personal Qualities for the Chair and Vice-chair

In addition to the qualities required of a Trustee of the charity, the Chair must also meet the following requirements:-

  • Demonstrate a strong and visible passion and commitment to the charity, its strategic objectives and cause
  • Personal gravitas to lead a significant national organisation
  • Exhibit strong inter-personal and relationship building abilities and be comfortable in an ambassadorial role
  • Demonstrate tact and diplomacy, with the ability to listen and engage effectively
  • Strong networking capabilities that can be utilised for the benefit of the charity
  • Ability to foster and promote a collaborative team environment
  • Ability to commit time to conduct the role well, including travel and attending events in and out of office hours


·       Experience of operating at a senior strategic leadership level within an organisation

·       Successful track record of achievement through their career

·       Experience of charity governance and working with or as part of a Board of Trustees

·       Experience of external representation, delivering presentations and managing stakeholders

·       Significant experience of chairing meetings and events

Knowledge and skills

·       Broad knowledge and understanding of the Civil Society sector and current issues affecting it

·       Strong leadership skills, ability to motivate staff and volunteers and bring people together

·       Financial management expertise and a broad understanding of charity finance issues

·       Good understanding of charity governance issues


The charity’s Chair (and board members) are elected by the Members of the Company and expected to serve a three-year term.  Subject to review and the readiness of other candidates to stand in an election process, all Officers shall be eligible for re-confirmatiin for one or more additional terms.

In addition to chairing the main Board meetings, the Chair and Vice-Chair have the right to attend any additional sub-committees and working group as appropriate.

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

The work of the chair and vice-chair can take place from home and in the the theatre’s venue. Our location is close to the Norwich Cathedral Quarter, and to the “puppet theatre roundabout” on the inner ring road between the flyover, Colgate, Whitefriars, and Barrack Streer
The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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About Norwich Puppet Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre is a registered charity. As a result we rely on the support of our community to grow and flourish. Our community and outreach work is focused on delivering arts and cultural experiences to children and young people in Norfolk who experience few engagement opportunities. We develop and promote the art form of puppetry and puppet theatre through performances, workshops and education. For many children we provide their first experience of live theatre and create wonder in them and their peers, parents, guardians and teachers.
For over 40 years Norwich Puppet Theatre’s producing company has created new shows for family audiences, performing in Norwich before touring in the UK and internationally. Our Creative Engagement Team works across the county providing hands-on experiences for schools, charity organisations, and public events. Our work provides a creative context which encourages meaningful, exciting, and inspiring learning opportunities.