What does Get InVOLved Norfolk do?

Get InVOLved Norfolk is a digital platform designed to help people offer time and skills to help a local good cause. It provides a complete journey; from searching and contacting the organisation to being accepted, and keeping in touch. Whether you are an individual who would like to volunteer to help good cause or an organisation looking for people to support your work the platform makes it easy for you to:

  • Register as a volunteer or as a charity and create and edit a profile
  • Explore or share volunteering opportunities
  • Make contact and talk about what you’re looking for
  • Begin your volunteering journey

Other features for organisations include being able to create a bespoke application form, to instantly share your opportunity via social media and to see your organisations impact via the data and analytics functions. Groups can also easily and securely communicate with individuals, to a group or to all volunteers.

Get InVOLved Norfolk can also support your employees to source volunteering roles and for your business to track their impact. See our corporate volunteering page for more information.

What is the Volunteer Centre?

The Volunteer Centre is a small team part of the wider Communities Team at Voluntary Norfolk. We support volunteers to find a volunteering role and organisations to recruit volunteer. This includes:

  • Helping organisations promote their volunteer opportunities and giving advice on how best to recruit through the Get InVOLved Volunteering Platform
  • Linking volunteer-involving organisations through our Volunteer Co-ordinator network.
  • Producing a monthly newsletter for volunteers, 'Volunteering News'
  • Offering additional support to people looking for volunteering roles
  • Promoting volunteering across the County and support people to use this website to find the volunteering role that suits them.
  • Supporting organisation with their volunteer management.
  • Managing the Volunteer Passport scheme a program of training and support for volunteers, which aims to help people gain more confidence and move more easily between roles, if they want to.
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