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Bringing The Vision for Volunteering to Life workshop series

Written by Laura Holland

Following the launch of the Norfolk Vision for Volunteering, Voluntary Norfolk is offering free online workshops supporting VCSEs to review & develop their own volunteering strategy; to engage young volunteers; and to develop good volunteer management.

What do the workshops involve?

Using a theory of change model, we'll work together to identify the overall changes we want to achieve in each of our organisations - such as more reliable delivery of services; the demographic of volunteers reflecting the client base, or increased capacity to develop new projects. We'll then focus on the long-term and intermediate outcomes and consider how we get there. Together we'll problem-solve and share creative solutions along the way, also exploring ways to embed a new strategy and evaluate its effectiveness.

Sessions and links to book are below

Session 1: Scoping your strategy Thursday 11 January 2024 10-11:30am

Session 2: Sticking Points & Creative Solutions Thursday 22 February 2024, 10-11:30am

Session 3: Embedding & Measuring Impact Wednesday 27 March 2024, 10-11:30am

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