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Now Launched! FLOURISH Youth Awards

Written by Laura Holland
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What is the Flourish Youth Awards for Volunteering and Participation?

The Flourish Youth Awards for Volunteering and Participation recognises young people’s volunteering and participation and the impact it has on their community and on their own personal development. The awards are an expansion of the Norfolk Youth Award that was originally set up by Norfolk County Council's Youth Service. While the name has changed since its inception, the award's main purpose to celebrate young people's achievements remains the same.

Linking the award to the Flourish framework:

Momentum has decided to join these awards to Norfolk County Council’s Flourish ambition. This objective has been inspired by the things young people have said are most important to them:

  • Family and friends
  • Access to learning
  • The opportunity to lead a good life
  • Being understood
  • Building resilience
  • Respect for their individuality
  • Feeling safe
  • Being healthy

If you are an organisation that works with young people who volunteer or get involved in participation work, find out more below!

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