Dementia Adventure

About Dementia Adventure

Dementia Adventure is a multi-award winning charity. We are based in Essex but work nationally and have an international following.
We think differently about dementia. Our positive focus is on the individual and not on the condition. We look at what people can do, not what they can’t. We concentrate on ‘the possible’. With the right support, people can continue to do the things they have always enjoyed, keep active and remain a valued member of society.

Our work aims to enable people living with dementia to get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and keep a sense of adventure in their lives.

We support people living with dementia to access the significant mental health and wellbeing benefits of getting outdoors by:

Building confidence and motivation
Identifying and removing barriers
Increasing knowledge and understanding
Increasing opportunities for engaging with nature
Encouraging connection to people, places and nature
Our Work
We offer a range of services and support:

Training for Friends and Family
Free training for people supporting somebody with dementia. Attendees can connect online with experienced dementia trainers to learn how to think differently about dementia, understand more about the condition and receive practical tips and guidance to help them in their role.

Supported Dementia Holidays
As an alternative to traditional respite for people with dementia and their carers we enable both parties to enjoy a holiday, short-break or local outing together, supported by our fully trained team.

Training & Consultancy for Organisations
Our experienced trainers deliver a range of tailored training and support. We can upskill staff and volunteers who support people living with dementia, help create inclusive and accessible services across an organisation, and support the set–up of a nature-based programme specifically for people living with dementia in their local community.

Our work is grounded in research. We collaborate with academic institutions and the public sector to contribute to the evidence on activity in nature and the benefits it brings to people living with dementia.

We want to extend our benefit by raising awareness of the physical, social and emotional benefits of outdoor activities and connection to nature for people living with dementia, and inspiring families, individuals and organisations to take action to shape and influence their local community.