Purfleet Pathways

About Purfleet Pathways

We run two main projects at Purfleet pathways. The Pathways to employment project and House 2 Home.
Pathways to Employment – at Purfleet we have always been passionate about providing
holistic support to our clients. The pathway out of homelessness is often not a straight forward
one and we provide long term support beyond moving people into housing. As part of this we
work with vulnerable adults to enable them to progress towards employment.
The Pathways to Employment project will provide practical workshops in furniture
upcycling, woodwork and warehousing as well as training courses in retail, customer service
and marketing.
House 2 Home – Furniture restored and upcycled through the workshops will be used to furnish homes for people moving into independent accommodation for the first time.
Moving from homelessness or shared accommodation to your own tenancy is an
exciting time but can also cause anxiety around the new environment and how you will cope. We want to make sure every individual has not just a house but a home. This project will provide furniture and all the small touches that turn House 2 Home.