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Country Coordinator

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Country Coordinator is a fantastic role for people who want to be right at the heart of all that TWAM does. This role directly works with our in-country teams a

Detailed description

Country Coordinator is a fantastic role for people who want to be right at the heart of all that TWAM does. This role directly works with our in-country teams and the recipients of our tools. 

You will be allocated a country in Africa and will be the first point of contact with everyone from that country who is applying for tools. You will work with your in-country partners who receive our containers and distribute our tools. 

You will help process all the applications that are received via our online application form and help make the crucial decisions over who we can and cannot support. You will have the opportunity to go overseas and visit the projects and people you have worked with to supply them with tools. For many of our Country Coordinators, this has proved a life-changing experience.

You may also have a volunteer in-country team to work with as well. All aspects of applications need to be carefully and accurately recorded. You will work directly with the Chief Executive as this is a very senior and strategic role within TWAM

You will be somebody wanting to understand, appreciate, and immerse yourself in the culture of another country. You will need to be comfortable communicating with deeply religious, mainly Christian, people. You will be willing to learn the challenges of extreme poverty and embrace the dignity of skills training and tools. 

You will need to be computer literate and competent using Microsoft Office and especially Excel. You will need to be a clear communicator and a well organised person.

This role is for you if you are determined to make a difference to the lives of people living in extreme poverty. You will be touched by the stories of hardship you hear and inspired by the difference the tools you send truly make and how they transform those stories. You will change entire communities for the better. That’s the difference you will make

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About Tools with a Mission

We are a UK charity based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with centres across the country. We have a mission to empower people in Africa living in extreme poverty to create their own livelihoods. We do this by sending trade kits full of tools that are used in skills training centres, offering the trainees a way to put poverty in the past for good and begin their own sustainable careers.

We send around 18 containers to rural African communities every year, full of tools that have been collected from across the UK, and refurbished in our refurbishment centres.

We have a strong environmental focus, as our work helps to keep around 225 tonnes of tools out of landfills in the UK every year.

We also have a wide range of volunteering opportunities that enrich local UK communities and provide a safe environment for people to make friendships whilst making a difference.