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WISEArchive seeks people to create short audio clips from recordings of working life stories.

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WISEArchive seeks people to create short audio clips from recordings of working life stories. Training will be given. See below for information about WISEArchive's activities, and look at our Life History Volunteers opportunity.

WISEArchive is an oral history group made up of volunteers. We are seeking volunteer interviewers, transcribers, story editors and audio editors who are interested in recording and preserving stories of working life. Contributors generally live in Norfolk and their stories are published in the WISEArchive online archive. Our purpose is to record these valuable memories before they are lost and preserve them for future generations. Stories reflect how things were done and how things have changed. Look at the WISEArchive website for our stories. 


Interviewers arrange a visit to make the recording. Empathy, good listening skills and an ability to ask relevant questions are essential. Personal transport is required as is reasonable availability, including weekdays. A reference, current DBS check (help offered), computer access and basic IT skills are also required.

Transcribers and Story Editors type out the transcript and edit for readability before the story is published on the WISEArchive website. Good audio typing skills and knowledge of English grammar are essential as is accuracy and attention to detail. A reliable computer and access to Word or similar program is necessary. Note: these activities may be done separately or by the same person depending on preference.

Audio editors create a short audio clip from the recording to accompany the story on the website (training offered). 

o  Volunteers may choose to carry out any combination of the above activities or they may prefer to concentrate on one. 

o  Volunteers work from home with monthly meetings in the Norwich area to catch up, provide support and share ideas.

o  There are opportunities to represent WISEArchive at events talking to visitors and potential contributors.

o  There are opportunities to help create leaflets, booklets and books.

o  WISEArchive activities enable volunteers to use their skills in a flexible way and arrange their archive work to fit in with other commitments, within a mutually agreed timeframe.

o  Volunteers encounter interesting people and help preserve knowledge and experience that could be lost for ever. 

What we will provide to volunteers

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About WISEArchive

WISEArchive records invaluable memories of life/work experience and preserves them for future generations. Contributors live mainly in Norfolk.